EchoFactor now has a business

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EchoFactor now has a business section
Well, with only a few content sources listed, it’s not exactly Moreover just yet, but I’m wondering what they’re trying to do beyond celebrity and college news. For instance, what are these ODP links doing here? Businesswise, they sell targeted traffic (with Express Mapping for guaranteed evaluation as a potential news source) and relevant content, but most services are quoted on demand. I’d like to see more web-based sales automation, in fact I should try and write an article on this topic…
By the way they have RSS feeds, and OCS stuff that I have to get a clue what it’s about.
Speaking of syndication, since separation of content and presentation is becoming mainstream (and an April Fool’s joke topic), why don’t we see more template syndication sources? Services and apps, from MyYahoo to Blogspot to Winamp come with templates or skins, maybe there’s a demand for "web apparel" (dresses for your web site)? Outsource your content, outsource your presentation, what are you left doing? Commenting about how smart you are to outsource it all! Anyway I could use a template done by a real designer (I’m not even a fake designer).
05/23/01 update: they’ve just been discontinued.

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