Electronic Jazz Can Work Too

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If you like Eric Truffaz’ Walk of the Giant Turtle, you’ll love Dave Douglas’ Freak In. Allmusic’s reviewer got it right, it’s fusion refreshed for the early 21st century. What Squarepusher does for electro, these guys do for jazz. A nice, if somewhat demanding result either way (not as hard to listen to as free jazz though, but it’s good because it keeps you on your edge). And now for something completely different: Taj Mahal’s De Old Folks at Home is great acoustic blues, no matter what some critics wrote at the time (didn’t get to listen to the electric Giant Step yet).
Three posts about music in 4 entries means three things: I have no specific insights about anything happening in the tech marketing space as of lately, I don’t have that much extra free time to stop and think about what’s happening around, and I’m discovering lots of cool music (there’s an even better mp3 mousetrap than IRC now, forced into the underground by the RIAA scare tactics — what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger).

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