Enron “E” went for at least $32K!

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GiveIt27, giveit27, giveit27… The room gave up at $26K, then they went to the web bidders, then it went back and forth between the room and a couple web guys. I got disconnected, so I don’t know what’s the final price. Anyway seems there’s still money in this economy! Now it’s a woman handling other lots, and she sounds like a robot speaking on a 33rpm record played at 45.
I’m growing a passion for DoveBid. It’s just too fun to follow. I’ll try to bid on lower profile auctions. One guy got a pair of Viewsonic 21" monitors for $400 yesterday (3 or 4 year-old models, but still pretty cool screens.) According to Cameron prices for big plasma screens went up irrationally like they did in London back in February.
If you’re happy to bid for overpriced Enron memorabilia on the web and you know it, clap your hands.
Update: she just said 1,000 people in the room and 13,000 online!
Update: CNet says the "E" was auctioned off for $44K.

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