Epicentric to Integrate Newsedge’s Real


"Epicentric and Newsedge recently announced a partnership which should make it easier for employees to take action on real-time business news in the context of the corporate intranet. The key to the enhanced functionality involves something Epicentric calls "modules." These "modules" (pieces of the overall portal architecture) interact in a "contextual" way. In other words, if one module (the news module) contains real-time business news about a competitor, the portal functionality may allow the employee to call up internal documents about the related industry, white papers about specific products, recent correspondence, etc."

Sort of Octopus meets Moreover. I’m sure we’ll see more and more integration and partnerships where components communicate with one another and exchange structured data, as opposed to external "web scraping" (the act of getting data out of HTML pages through custom scripts). It’s probably more a business issue than a technical one at this point.

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