Eurodance Black Metal!

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Ephel Duath’s Rephormula is a crazy mix of growling death metal and quasi-dance cheesy undertones, you’d probably find impossible to listen to, but I’m having great fun discovering it. Another metal band I’ve started enjoying lately is Meshuggah.
You’re probably not meant not keep listening to this kind of music past the age of 16, but I started almost 20 years ago, not long after I got into computers, and at about the age I started reading science fiction and playing role playing games (metal + ‘puters + SF + RPG = serious nerd alert? Hey, I have a sex life too.) Of course my girlfriend hates metal, but I have no intention of stopping being a rebel (muhahah) now.
No wonder though the ASP script I’m writing is timing out on me. Keeping your concentration when you listen to this requires guru skills way beyond mine. Coming next in Winamp: The Brecker Brothers (like I’m going to get my script working listening to Funk at half past midnight.)
Update: I fixed my script while singing wha-oo-oo-wha-oo-oo-wha and ting-ding (that’s the sound of a wha-wha guitar and slapped bass respectively, if you need to task.) Ain’t that multitasking in all its glory? OK, the script is just fetching data from a couple SQL stored procedures, then massaging results to output a list, so it’s nothy fancy a non-programmer like me wouldn’t do. But still. Tss-umph-tss-umph-tss-umph (open hi hat and bass drum, you really need to work on those basic grooves.)

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