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Everything is nothing without you. The user is more in control of the way this site grows and evolves than the administration is. that’s the beauty of it. It’s what makes this site an interesting place to be, a personal place. A place where you can at once learn and teach, without limits. A place you can help to build, can personally change.”

Everything doesn’t want to be another web index so you can’t link to outside sites. I’ve bet Yahoo! will evolve in a fashion similar to what Everything is doing. Now the challenge is to let everyone contribute, but not get drown into meaningless, badly spelt ramblings. Having used MindPixel for a couple of hours, I can testify that some people will not play by the rules.

Just because “Information Bounty Hunter” is now a job description, doesn’t mean that everyone will want to rigorously elaborate on concepts all day long.

Looks like Peter got some good suggestions following his request for examples. BTW, see how I name people by their first name? It’s a trick to let you think I personally know them and we’re all part of the big blog family. I like manipulation through language so much.
Pseudo meta: half-baked noisy meta data ; P2P meets meta ; P2P meta won’t go anywhere if by trying to escape noise we create more of it.

2016 pulse check: this thing is still alive! Not Wikipedia nor Reddit, but not gone.

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