Ex-ASP Ready To Meet The Demand

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"Many software vendors sell analytical tools as part of larger software packages for managing transactions and other business processes related to direct sales or sales through distributors and dealers. But OneChannel is unique in its focus on analytics that help manufacturers monitor the accuracy of demand forecasts."

Considering how painful it can be to get "sales thru" and "sales out" data from the channel, this sounds interesting, especially for companies that push large inventories to their distributors and resellers. By relying on "sales in" only, you risk finding yourself into a information tunnel for lack of visibility on end-user demand. If the later fails to materialize, that usually leads to inventory write-offs or missed forecasts.
If that wasn’t clear and if you’re not familiar with channel sales: sales-in are sales to the channel, sales-thru occur within the channel (eg. from a distributor to a reseller) and sales-out reach customers.

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