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Deadly Bloody Serious:

"I’m trying out the RSS Explorer Tool, and I’m kinda deflated. Just from the name, I was expecting to be able to (say) click on Dave’s subscriber list, then click on one of his feeds’ names to see who they subscribe to. It’d only work amongst Radio users and people who embed source tags in their RSS, of course, but that’d still be pretty cool. It just occurred to me that the main problem with doing things that way might be our old friendly bugbear, scalability."

There’s also the question of scaling the UI. The tool in its present form uses a drop-down menu to show the list of bloggers you can get the subscription list of. I quickly tried it last week and I’m now sure the redirection and feed stoppage notifications that are currently being discussed are must-haves, not nice-to-haves. If people don’t see you anymore in their aggregator, they’ll think you’re in vacation or stopped blogging, but most likely you’ll lose readers because they’re not going to check your HTML web site to see what’s going on.

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