Extending Groove

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Jon Udell:
"Developers will find GWS [Groove Web Services] to be a textbook example of a style that has come to be called "RESTful SOAP." REST (Representation State Transfer) describes the architectural style of the Web. What that means for SOAP, as recommended in the W3C working draft for SOAP 1.2, is that interfaces should "use URIs [Universal Resource Identifiers] in a Web-architecture compatible way — that is, as resource identifiers.
For example, the root of GWS is a SOAP service with an address like http://localhost:9080/GWS/Groove/1.0/Accounts. Since a Groove account is a container of identities, a Read operation on this resource produces an XML document that enumerates them. Each identity includes an element like /GWS/Groove/1.0/Spaces/grooveIdentity/123…xyz — that is, the URI of the SOAP service that enumerates the shared spaces for that identity. Traversal of spaces, tools, and data proceeds in a similar fashion. It’s all organized as a web of linked XML documents controlled by a handful of verbs such as Create, Read, Update, and Delete."

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