Fast Growing Apps As Seen by Zapier

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Zapier is in a great position to get the pulse of which cloud software has traction in the small business world (and in departments of larger organizations, to a lesser extent). Airtable got on my radar as its Zapier use exploded back in 2017. This year it’s interesting to see vertical apps for markets such as real estate emerge.

Zapier is also confirming that marketers have been and remain at the forefront of (lightweight) app integration, as they’re using a myriad of specialized apps to match the dizzying number of available channels.

Here are some of the highlights:

“It starts with discovery. Software used to be handed down from on high, selected by IT departments and rolled out to the entire company. Today, when you need a new tool for a task, a new app is a quick search away. Bring your own device led to bring your own apps. It’s easy to find the precise apps you need, apps that bring you joy.

So imagine a marketer who wants to make sure their emails get opened, and they discover Bonjoro, an email marketing app built around video. It’s a tool marketing and support teams love—but few others would need. Yet it solved a need no one knew they had so well, it’s the 10th fastest growing app this year.”

Zapier Apps at Work: The Fastest Growing Apps in 2019

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