Finally a Camphone Usage Scenario That Makes Sense

You know how every ad promoting camphones is a variation on this theme: those two supermodels you’ve just met last night want to hook up with you again, and surely from their inviting smiles (alternatively, their stupid giggle) this will surely lead to a torrid threesome within 10 minutes flat. And aren’t you lucky to have bought this shiny new phone because, really, what’s hotter than two just-met supermodels giving you a blowjob? Sure, happens all the time. I guess with the 80’s revival and all, selling faked dream is hip again in the ad world. More gel should go in the hair for good measure. Or throw in some lame canned irony for that post-90’s veneer, that will sure let you connect your brand with the values of your target consumers. (Yes, once you’re past 30 you turn fast into an old curmudgeon.)
Anyway, Erik Benson is a lot smarter than those ad execs who couldn’t figure out a real way to use their product to save their life. He takes a picture of his car and its surroundings wherever he parks it in the street so he can find it later on. Do I wish I had had that when I had to go through the same "where is the damn car" routine in Bordeaux (now we live in a house so no more city parking hell).

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