For the U.S., it does not matter who wins in France

John O’Sullivan:

"By depicting America as a threat to the world, a superpower too strong for its own good (and that of others), hostile to international cooperation, and "unilateralist" in its pursuit of narrow economic self-interest, Euro-nationalists seek to frighten Europeans into abandoning their existing nations to construct a European super-state and superpower that will be, in the words of the Swedish prime minister, Goran Persson, "a balance to U.S. world domination."
UPI commentator James C. Bennett calls this kind of talk "Euro-Le Penism." It is threaded through the foreign policy prescriptions of Chirac, Jospin, most of the first-round French presidential candidates, and other leading Euro-nationalists in Germany, Italy, and elsewhere. It is far more likely to guide policy than anything written or said by Le Pen. And, to that extent, it is more sinister."

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