Friendly free advice to the People at Six Apart

Don’t waste time on sterile arguments with competitors who think they’re the center of the universe. There’s nothing in there that will grow your business whatsoever, and customers don’t give a crap. Just ignore those that, whatever the topic at hand might be, think the discussion should be about them.
We, the customers who are able and willing to spend money on your product, are grateful that you support what everyone save one guy [*], take as standards, such as XHTML and CSS. Ship TypePad, ship MT Pro (when?), and kick the ass of those lazy competitors who spend more time arguing about the sex of angels than improving their product.
Support whatever brand of RSS an aggregator won’t spit, because here who gives a shit? Business requirements for RSS:

  • Being able to easily offer feed for free or paid subscription
  • Being able to somewhat restrict sharing of said paid subscriptions
  • Being able to track readership and click-through
  • Version number? We go blank, and we really couldn’t care less.
    [*] No link because I won’t support his lame attempts at dissing stronger competition – either you know who I mean or you don’t care. I’ve made it a policy that trolls don’t deserve linkage.
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