Customizing Gmail & Gsuite for Productivity

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As an avid Inbox Zero practitioner who likes to find information very quickly, I’ve tinkered quite a bit with my Gmail and Gdrive setup. Here’s what I currently use:

  • Gmelius – Email templates and plenty more.
  • Todoist – Create tasks from Gmail, because Gmail’s integrated tasks are a joke.
  • Meetingbird – Better calendaring.
  • CloudHQ – Rename Email, among others.
  • Mailto: for Gmail.
  • Black Menu – Preview/search your various Google apps from a browser drop-down menu.
  • Awesome Drive – Because I still use MS Office.
  • Ink for Google – Material design everywhere.
  • Stuff from Gmail’s Labs tabs, under settings. I use a “Pending” label for unresolved threads where I’m waiting for someone else to respond (i.e. these are not my tasks), and that’s showing as a separate inbox below the main one.

There are endless others (and endless similar lists) but this is what works for me.

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