Golden Moment Eluding Europe

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"In France, the flow of investment capital out of the country in recent years has been three times the flow of capital into it. […] Denis Kessler, who heads an association of large French corporations, notes that between 1997 and 2000 the 33 largest French companies created a mere 45,000 jobs in France while adding 1.2 million outside the country’s borders."

Go tell that to the former Socialist leaders who still claim that "France is going better," which is even more ironic after the beating they took at the presidential election. At least now we’re sure even substractions are beyond their mental abilities (though it’s rather their intellectual honesty than their intelligence which is at stake.) Hint to Hollande and crew: it’s not because you created hundreds of thousands of so-called "emplois-jeunes" to artificially lower unemployment figures, that anybody mistook that for a real economic improvement (these "jobs for youngs" are underpaid quasi-fictitious pseudo-cultural/social jobs held in city halls by the droves of people who learnt liberal arts[*] in the University and failed to become teachers or other breeds of civil servants.) We know you hold us as a stupid "populace" (a very contemptuous word meaning "the lower masses", once used by former Prime Minister Jospin), but we’re not that stupid.
And this is an article in the Washington Post, hardly a bastion of pro-business neo-conservatism or free-market libertarianism. If even the Post writes articles that could be featured in BusinessWeek, where are the SocioEurocrats going to find support in the US? By the way, I refuse to call members of the continental European Left "liberals," if only out of respect for the classical and etymological meaning of the word. "Leftists" will do, it doesn’t drag the name of Liberty down with its oppressors.
[*] I hold liberal arts in the highest regards, but I think disconnecting higher education from the job market is a recipe for disaster.

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