Google API Application for weblogs

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Joe Lombardo:

"I’ve been looking at the google box on drupal and thinking the results didn’t have repeat-use value. Meaning that I am not compelled to check the box each time I visit the site. […] My suggestion is to have the google box display results that are related to the top 3 articles currently listed on the homepage. I’ve created a little mock-up of what the box might look like if it where running today. To create the mock up below, I simply searched google for the title of the top post and grabbed the first 3 responses, and repeated it for the next to posts."

Here’s the Google blogbox starting to become worthwhile. The Semantic Web will gain traction as real and straightforward applications appear, e.g. bloggers might take the trouble to tag their headlines as titles, if the tags are easily leveraged for several usages (such as google boxes, syndication, aggregation

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