Google, Dave, and Ozzie

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Steve Gillmor :

"SOAP may be the broker between Groove’s secure invitation-only shared spaces and the volatile real-time world of Google and Radio. Groove 2.0’s Form tool is a harbinger of this, Ozzie suggests. "In-house we’ve got a Headlines tool that lets you create a dashboard of sorts into which flows new things that are happening from a variety of shared spaces in summary form into a page-oriented fashion."

Only a few months ago, Google, Groove and Radio seemed like separate spaces with very few intersections. I’ve not played with Groove 2.0 yet, but it will be interesting to see how these tools will intertwine. It’s also going to be fun to watch how Microsoft might use its Groove connection to sell a repurposed Hailstorm from the bottom up, after they acknowledged the top-to-bottom sales pitch met resistance and a lack of demand.
04/27/02 update: John Burkhardt is a Groove developer whose "initial release will be a public beta that will let people access information in their Groove workspace via "Web Services"."

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