Google points out fresh results

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As of today, 13/12/01, look at the first result in this query (I’m too lazy to do a screenshot, and E-Quill is gone, so this is time sensitive). Google mentions it’s "Fresh! 12 Dec 2001". They’re now marketing the recent indexing we first saw last August. It’s cool to see most of my archives are fresh as of yesterday (I update them often, so it makes sense that they parse them now and then). It works for other bloggers too (Jason Kottke, Evan Williams, Dave Winer "own" the first result for their name and are fresh as of 12/12/01).
From the latest Google PR: "In addition, Google refreshes millions of web pages every day to ensure that Google users have access to the most current information."
Update: of course Lawrence beat me to it, and he came up with a screenshot.
02/13/02 update: "Critical IP" experiment by Matthew Haughey.

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