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Peter Drayton:

"Google2RSS is a command-line tool that runs a query using the Google Web API and spits out an RSS 0.91 feed containing the top 10 hits. Combine Google2RSS with a task scheduler like the one built into Windows 2000/XP and the Radio Userland upstreaming facility, and you have an automatically generated, regularly updated, topic-oriented RSS feed: collaborative filtering courtesy of Google & the Internet, pushed to a desktop near you by Radio!"

Nice, though I don’t think the Google API exposes results, where a Google-to-RSS would come most handy. This combination would start to compete with Moreover if the categories (i.e. business, sports, …) were exposed through the engine. Of course Moreover has a lot more categories than the 6 used by Google at this time. After all, Moreover uses human editors to categorize stories, while Google is fully automated.

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