Groove Networks closes a $41M Round

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With all the hype surrounding Groove, I had missed their fundraising announcement. Intel is indeed putting its money where its P2P mouth is. Accel seems to like collaboration and web apps, if you look at some investments in the past years: Collabra (email/groupware), (jack-of-all-trades web app), Digigroups (B2B P2P?), Trellix (web publishing tool) and now Groove.

Interestingly, Accel puts Intranet and enterprise investments in another category. It’s going to be tough to tell Intranet from Internet apps, both on technical and functional levels.

04/24/01 update: P-to-P and B-to-B: A match made in heaven, or much ado about nothing?

03/29/01 update: B2B P2P is now an officical business category.

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