Help Make Blogger Go Faster!

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Help Make Blogger Go Faster!
"What we’re trying to say is that we’re low on funds, which has kept us from making the hardware investments needed to keep the Blogger service snappy and fun. So, we’re turning to you, our loyal users, for help. With a small donation to the Blogger Server Fund, you can show your support for Blogger helping people publish on the web for a year and a half (absolutely free and without ads!). And, most importantly, you will help bring Blogger back up to speed, so it’ll be more enjoyable for everyone. (And if we get enough, we’ll even be able to add some groovy new features that are waiting in the wings, which also take extra processing power.)"
I just registered with Paypal, so I’ll be able to get these $10 stickers! Consider contributing if you use and like Blogger. I’d rather pay for a Blogger Pro license than make a donation, but since I’ve been using Blogger on three different blogs for several months, I guess I can show my appreciation for the past, and see what options Pyra will come up with in the future.

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