Here ye — let thine site visitors speak

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"What am I? Am I some guy who just wants a laptop (Home and Home Office), or am I an employee of a Medium and Large Business? Are the product lines and pricing the same? If I want to buy a laptop that’s in the business list, but not in the home list, will the company try to sue me for committing fraud? Why, exactly, do they need to know this?
Being asked to categorize myself bugged me. I don’t like being immediately pigeonholed. I want to see the whole product line — every computer they sell — and I don’t like wondering whether there are products that would have shown up if I’d only picked the right category."

It’s 2003 and we still have to bear with companies which insist on organizing their sites based on their internal departmental and geographical organization. That’s shoehorning prospects into your navel-gazing issues. IBM, which is hosting this article, does let you browse their notebook range not matter who you are. And their two-line range description copy makes sense.

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