HotOffice Discontinuing Operations Here’s what

HotOffice Discontinuing Operations
Here’s what I got in my inbox today:
"Dear Customer:
It is with great disappointment that I email you today to notify you that HotOffice will cease operations on December 19, 2000. After this date, your HotOffice site and any information stored on it will no longer be accessible.
Like many Internet companies, despite exhaustive efforts, we were unable to raise capital given the current market conditions and
were left without other options. We have greatly enjoyed serving our customers and want to assure you that we are doing everything
we can to give you time to make a smooth transition.
After evaluating the competitive alternatives, we highly recommend that you consider We have a great deal of respect for has an excellent track record, with more than 300,000 businesses and groups using their services worldwide. We sincerely believe that their Web-based intranet service, product functionality, financial stability, product architecture, support commitment and respected management team offer by far the optimal transition solution for our customers.
You will have until December 19th to download all information from your HotOffice."
At least they leave you with two weeks and a transition path to get your data out.

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