How Not to do a Corporate Weblog

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Alan Meckler really gets how *not* to write a corporate blog. Let’s see:

  • Disparaging the competition for silly reasons.
  • Claiming to be a leader when it’s obvious you’re jumping on a bandwagon. This is 2003, not 1999. Weblogs aren’t new, even for marketing purposes.
  • Not connecting with anyone in the outside world. This isn’t a blog you’re doing, it’s a collection of ranting columns.
    He’s even claiming the proper spelling for "weblog" is "Weblog" and making a fuss about it. Hint: nobody in the blogosphere capitalizes the word. I guess Meckler learnt of blogs in the NYT and got the awkward spelling from them. What a good collection of worst practices to point at. Jupitermedia is organizing a conference on weblogs, in case you want to benefit from their obvious expertise in the field.
    Update: now with links! (Thanks to Scoble, who was kind and patient enough to explain.)
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