How to scale media projects beyond static galleries?

Haiko Hebig: Industrial Night and Magic, where headed?

"Now that I took Gigabytes of photos in the abandoned and torn down steel mills and other former sites of heavy industries here in Dortmund and surrounding cities, comes up the question: how to organize, how to present them? […] I want to throw all the content into a box and be able to generate a variety of views on it: […] Let me explore the database browsing by year, by location, by technology, by process step. […]
Obviously, there are (at least) two dimensions to such a plan: the technical, to come up with a flexible framework, and the social, to motivate other people with similar interests to throw in their content and knowledge."

I have been following Haiko’s photo project for a while (there’s something to be said for real life Unreal Tournament playgrounds) and this is taking a fascinating direction, though I question the PHP choice. For that kind of project, .NET has an edge for its ability to produce both web frontends and rich clients, just like WWMX showcases.

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