How to Use LastPass & Publish As a Guest with Power BI Desktop

Unlike Office desktop applications, Power BI Desktop doesn’t keep track of more than one account at a time, which is quite annoying for people like myself who work across several tenants. Like many people I use a password manager, and until recently I had to copy and paste from Lastpass to the authentication modal box opened by Power BI Desktop.

Not anymore! Go to Options > Security > Authentication Browser > Use my default web browser. Now your authentication window is a regular browser tab which Lastpass (and I assume its competitors) will know how to fill in! This has also helped people who for some reason couldn’t otherwise authenticate from Power BI Desktop.

I’m not sure which version of Power BI Desktop introduced this, the “Learn More” link in the Options window just links to the Power BI documentation portal and I couldn’t find the actual page describing this functionality. In any case, yay for convenience! Bonus: this also works to switch tenants for dataflow sources.

Sidebar rant: over the years people have filed several ideas related to multi-tenant access in the Ideas forum, a website that’s so bad I’m forcing myself to ignore it otherwise I get angry. Microsoft’s is hyping AI to sort through huge volumes of unstructured text, yet to solve problems of their own making, they ask end users to manually send deduplication requests. “Muh but it only affects a few consultants”, to which I’d answer, do you even understand how consulting works? Improving the productivity of a single consultant affects positively dozens of end using organizations over time, I thought Microsoft for one understood leverage. /endofrant

Somewhat related, if you’re an AAD B2B guest user in someone else’s tenant, you can publish to their tenant from Power BI Desktop despite the official documentation saying otherwise, thanks to the workaround demonstrated in the following video via “Sign-in Options”:

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