If you know the movie industry, please help

If you know how the movie industry works, please enlighten me about the following. Let’s say I know of good fiction books (already published, but not well known by the public), tell about them to a screenwriter agent/manager, who in turn gets the rights to turn the books into movies from the writer.
If a script eventually gets sold (by said agent) to a movie producer, what’s the realistic fee structure for the agent/manager, the writer, and me as a sort of book scout? Is what I’m describing even making sense? In this case, I wouldn’t even be acting as a go-between, I’d just be identifying novels or short stories that would be worthwhile to turn into Hollywood movies, and explaining why I think they would (writing a draft pitch, if you will.)
I’m trying to assess the legitimacy and credibility of an unexpected business proposal I’ve been made today. I don’t risk being scammed out of any money in this, but I don’t wanna waste time on an elaborate joke, if that’s what it turns out to be. I know about the WGA, but this doesn’t tell me what I want to know. So if you’re knowledgeable, thanks for your help.
Just found that article, I’ll have to read it tomorrow.
08/08/02 update: Thanks to Henry and Greg (via Jason), I now have a better grasp of the situation (which doesn’t seem fishy, but which I should handle with care, read: involve a lawyer at some point).

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