If You Thought Yahoo SEM Was Bad, Try MSN adCenter for a Laugh

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So Renamed Microsoft adCenter Officially Launches (drumroll). Well, let’s give it a ride then. “Microsoft adCenter does not currently support the web browser you are using. Please sign in using Internet Explorer 6+.”
Yeah right, Firefox on WinXP, talk about obscure. I kid you not, to be able to use their web application, a distant third in its market, you have to use a proprietary piece of software that hasn’t been updated in five years. IE-only development in 2006? Well that certainly helps explain the outstanding MSFT stock performance these days (thanks for sapping my savings, guys). I’m starting to think Mini Microsoft is actually right in the money. The people who thought it was ok to develop this adCenter site this way should be fired on the spot. As a Microsoft shareholder I just find it inexcusable to not only lock out potential customers in non-trivial numbers but also to use ancient proprietary web development practices.
At least it was the occasion for me to learn the word “nincompoops,” which preceded by the f word was how my Mac-using business partner chose to describe them. I think that fits perfectly.
Update: I sent this to Scoble, then I realized someone else had already bitched about it.
August update: they’re fixing this.