Internet + English = Netglish

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Internet + English = Netglish
"Oral and Vernacular Englishes – known as OVE. These are mixtures of English and local languages, or versions of local languages incorporating lots of English "pop" or commercial phrases."
As I mentioned here a few months ago, English is sometimes decried for its invasion into other languages. Here’s a list of Oral and Vernacular Englishes (or global English), some of them being obviously taken less seriously than others. Spelling and meaning often drift from the root.
European languages:

Notice that we froggies are as always resisting even when we embrace, since our brand of blend doesn’t use "lish" (franglais is the mix of the two French words "fran

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  1. Kerihuel Charlotte

    I found your website very interesting but I think it lacks things such as a link to websites dealing with Arablish. I’m a French student who studies this new form of language and I’m looking for information about it. Please let me know if you have some references that could help me in my work. Thanks. Yours faithfully.


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