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One of the things we’ve been working on lately is our new site We are still getting rid of some kinks and have some UI improvements coming, but the site should already be quite useful as it is. Need fresh, updated marketing metrics (about online and offline stuff)? Drop by, check the data out and download the stuff you need for your next presentation, it’s in Excel format for your convenience.
Right now the online charts are in gif format. We’ll probably add some Flash-based online charting component at some point but we wanted to get the ball rolling and see what kind of data users would value most. Anyway if you let a new site manage its release, it will nag you constantly with its squeaky voice: “but I’m not ready, you need to fix me here and improve me there and test me some more.” Hey baby new site, get out in the world already and learn by getting bruises on your knees!

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