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Please welcome, another site I created with Tig, this one totally different from what we usually do. Tig came up with the idea after he needed to address one of his administrative needs and couldn’t find a ready answer. The service is pretty basic: if you lost your old tax software but need to reprint a tax filing you had processed with it, send the file to us, we’ll read it and send it back to you. Seems crazy but backward compatibility isn’t part of most (all?) tax software, and sometimes you do need your old tax filings. Getting them back from the IRS is slow and cumbersome and searching through the attic and den for an elusive backup printout isn’t anyone’s idea of fun.
We really have no idea how big the market for this is but we do think our service is much more convenient, fast and inexpensive than what’s available so far. If you can help us get the word out to accountants who will no doubt find it a practical resource for their clients, please let me know (link love is much welcome too of course). Also, I’ve put together the site rather quickly so there’s no doubt I left rough edges, feedback is appreciated (I’m not sure the form on the front page works with Safari yet for instance).

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  1. Tim Marman

    Assuming the market exists, it seems like the biggest challenge here is getting potential customers to trust you enough to send you highly sensitive information.
    Your terms and conditions, while fairly standard in my experience, don’t exactly go a long way to instill this trust.
    How do you plan on addressing this?


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