Is a Broken Contact Form Acceptable?

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In the course of the various gigs and projects I’m involved in, I end up looking for and using contact information on literally hundreds of corporate web sites per year. It’s already bad enough when a company selling armament or semi-conductors has impossible to find or broken contact information (bouncing email addresses or failing contact forms), if not simply none listed at all. But when we’re talking about the Canadian subsidiary of one of the Big Threes not listing any online contact info, and adding the insult to the injury with a broken help link, you’ve got to wonder whether anyone cares about the basics of customer interactiosn. Yahoo Canada, I’m inquiring about local advertising opportunities for a client of mine, is it too much to ask from an internet company NOT to force me to make a phone call? I’ll try that form (not really adequate but whatever at this point), we’ll see how it goes. You’d think a company like you has automatic “garbage collection” on their sites by now. Here’s hoping Google Canada sucks less.

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