John Robb moving from Gomez

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John Robb moving from Gomez to Userland
Well, that’s fun, I wouldn’t have thought a former Forrester and Gomez guy would join a company like Userland. Looks like quite different corporate cultures. Dave Winer probably wants more mainstream exposure beyond the weblog/developer/online journalism communities. A lead I want to follow later (the local time being 1:30 AM) and that might explain a lot: Robb’s talk of the 2X Internet (sounded like the two-way web Winer is an active advocate of).
Update: More related stuff at Gomez, FoRK, and Userland (Robb was a long time member, see for instance this thread on browser features). See also Robb’s first attempt at a RU blog, disagreement with Dvorak on XML, having the opinion that the web was being channelized (now think and compare ’97 Pointcast closed one-way push with ’01 RU open two-way pull/push), standing for web standards (’96, now that’s archeology!)
08/10/01 update: here’s his weblog.

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