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Joho latest issue out
Much to read, as usually. Let’s take two quotes from different but somehow related parts.
"To achieve the engineering aim of being capable of being extended without requiring changes to the core infrastructure, the long beards built a system with no built-in checks on the data being carried. Value free? Ask China or the Taliban or orthodox Jews or many Christian communities, all of whom see value in protecting their communities from "assault" by temptations and other bad influences. "For engineering reasons," the long beards in effect are saying "we’ve built a system that will provide open access to ideas and images you consider corrosive. Ok?" To many communities, the answer is a definite "No, it’s not ok.""
"SOAP and UDDI are making it possible to knit together all the cooperating applications on the Web with a minimum of integration work. That’s called "distributed computing"

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