Just got my MS Office Keyboard

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The shortcut buttons on the left – the main reason I bought the keyboard – seem quite handy, though it remains to be seen how much I use them. The very fast task switching is cool (unlike Alt-Tab, there’s no preview), as are the Cancel and Redo keys. My old Natural Keyboard started to show its age, and somehow I hated to still have an ancient PS2 peripheral in my config. It feels weird to get back to a flat keyboard.
Here’s something fun for you. Microsoft added an entirely useless "take me to the MS Office web site" function key, and believe it or not, the redirect it points to is 404!
Microsoft is releasing a new range of keyboards, but my perfect match would be a mix of several models:

  • It should come with the Office Keyboard left and top shortcuts, plus the "multimedia" buttons found on the new blue models, as well as include a wide palm rest.
    • I already miss the curved shape.
    • Throw in a couple of extra USB ports.
    • I like their black and grey new style, it would fit nice with my case.
    • But I don’t want wireless, it’s just too insecure (unless Bluetooth is (going to be) encrypted?)

    So please, release a black Natural Multimedia Office keyboard for me!
    You might wonder why I seem so much obsessed with hardware as of lately. Well, I have to admit I’ve always liked PC gadgets and peripherals. But there’s more to it. When I see how many people neglect their desktop environment and work in awkward positions that strain their body and ruin their experience, I think simple ergonomics – such as what kind of seat you have – would make this whole Internet thing look more natural to the layman. Using computers in a way that feels physically incomfortable and unnatural is maybe why many think being online is "virtual" (of course it’s not, the reality of these words showing on your screen is as strong as your blood pumping in your heart.)
    Kudos to Microsoft for including basic guidelines with their Intellitype software on how to position oneself on one’s desk. Check out these tips too.

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