Le Pen Fever

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Jonah Goldberg:

"In other words, France is still a menagerie of lefty jackassery. Le Pen’s strong showing just increased the biodiversity a bit. "It’s not me who has become extreme right. It’s the whole of society which has become extreme left," Le Pen told the British magazine The Spectator. This made a big splash in Europe for some reason but, frankly, I’m at a total loss to see what’s so controversial about it."

The French media has been very keen on mentioning reports from the foreign press to underline that Le Pen’s score was a national shame that would tarnish our image for eons. But I didn’t see any mention of the various perspectives – mostly from the US – which held that, well, some people did vote for Le Pen, and that, maybe, there were actual reasons to explain that rise. But thanks to our enlightened elite, voters will come to their senses and Le Pen will be driven to oblivion on May 5. I’m wondering what explanation they’ll come up with if Le Pen gets 30%+ of votes.

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