Managed DNS Provider?

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Excuse the lack of posts as of lately but I’m working on two new sites to be launched within a couple of weeks or so (one we’ve been planning to do for months and directly in line with what we’ve been doing for a while, the other a totally new experiment).
Here’s a question for the rare people who might not have left the building yet (hay for long-term reader retention with RSS!): what company would you recommend to manage the DNS of say, half a dozen sites making 2-5M page views/month among themselves? UltraDNS doesn’t seem cheap, other companies I’ve seen include easyDNS, DNS Made Easy, Netriplex or Zonedit, but if I can use someone else’s due diligence and experience that would save me time and trouble. I’m looking for reliability and bang for the buck, your recommendations are welcome either in the comments (ignore the error 500) or email, thanks.
04/15/08 update: we finally acted on this and picked Nettica a few months ago, we’re satisfied so far and pay a measly $50/year.

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