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Marketing Myopia (thru Bblog)

“Marketing Myopia is a place to vent, and call out the darkside of marketing and advertising…. ad campaigns, bullshit marketing ploys, evil corporate P.R. machines, etc.”

Sometimes I feel we have to scream and shout. At other times I think passive resistance is the best solution: just ignore the morons and move your business elsewhere. But consumer zen is hard, when you don’t always have dozens of options. And when you’ve been screwed by a company, you want others to avoid it.

Now regarding how Marketing Myopia is built, I wouldn’t show empty categories. When you start a “community site”, make sure you have some community traffic before you roll out “most active” lists. Feels like a ghost town when there’s a single “most active submitter” (who sent, guess how many, one story).

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