Media Feudalism Under Fire

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Glenn Reynolds:

"Like the armored knights of the Middle Ages, [Big Media people’s] position has been a function not of their own inherent virtues, but of a particular economic and technological confluence that is now passing away. And I believe that much of what’s being marketed as "digital rights management" to prevent "stealing" of big-media works is in fact intended to serve as "digital restrictions management" to protect big-media operations from competition by making life harder on potential competitors."

I see Ms. Reynolds uses the same camcorder we have. We’re about to finish editing our first video about how to do illuminations (most of the work was over months ago, but like with web sites, nailing down the exact text you’re going to use takes ages), and we plan to make another one early next year. We’ll see how successful we are at selling them, but the barrier to entry is certainly lower by an order of magnitude than it was less than a decade ago. Doesn’t mean everyone will turn into the next Spielberg, and we’re aware of our limitations and what we have yet to learn. But we should have a pretty decent product well worth the $30 or so we plan to sell it for. And we’ll be a lot more productive for our next project.

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