Microsoft BizTalk To Speak RosettaNet

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Microsoft BizTalk To Speak RosettaNet Protocol
I wonder if these XML tools, having taken a lot longer than expected to ship, will really be deployed within industries.
04/24/01 update: XML Schema confounds the experts.
04/25/01 update: since I’m always trying to provide context to people not familiar with the issues I write about, I should mention XML itself has its detractors. Read "All marked up and nowhere to go" by Jorn Barger, Killing the Web
by John C. Dvorak or Data, Know Thyself Part 2 by Robert X. Cringely.
I’m not an expert on XML at all, but my take is, if you’re not trying to describe the whole world with it, XML can have effective, lightweight implementations (RSS comes to mind).
04/27/01 update: what XML can and can’t do, XML’s Tower Of Babel.

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