Microsoft Hangs Up on Vo-IP in Messenger

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"Back in 2001, when Windows XP was being positioned as a clearinghouse for Internet-based services, VoIP firms jostled for placement on the platform, but, with Microsoft pushing its own .NET Voice Services, the ability to make phone calls from the instant messaging application will be removed.
For XP users still interested in VoIP services from the third-party providers, they can keep MSN Messenger running at the same time as Windows Messenger. A users can be signed in to both MSN Messenger and Windows Messenger at the same time, but not with the same .NET Passport account."

I’d like to know more but I can’t find any other source on that story right now. I’m confused, I thought MSN Messenger didn’t support VoIP (I thought only Windows Messenger did.) Callserve for one has a calling application. I’d rather see it integrated in Outlook than Messenger by the way.

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