Microsoft to keep track of instant messages

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"Aiming to further legitimize real-time communications, Microsoft announced a licensing agreement with IMlogic to embed IM (instant messaging) archiving technology into future versions of its enterprise-level IM products."

I don’t think the guys at Cordant are opening bottles of champagne right now. Seems a tale of former Microsoft employees (Cordant’s Sonu Aggarwal and IMLogic’s Francis deSouza) basically creating similar products after leaving. No, it’s even worse, the two guys had co-founded and sold Flash Communications to Microsoft, and are both MIT alumni! Either one took the other by speed, or there are differences between the two products that I don’t see.
Cordant: "IMScribe is a comprehensive solution for Exchange 2000 IM compliance requirements, encompassing logging, archiving, reviewing, reporting, etc."
IMLogic: "IMlog 2000 allows enterprises that use Exchange 2000 IM Server to parse, filter, store, query, retrieve and generate reports on IM traffic."
Ok, how many IM logging tools for Exchange Server can be sustained in the marketplace? Looks like the former CEO and group manager comes again on top of his former COO and lead program manager.
11/12/02 update: Microsoft to launch corporate IM.
01/13/03 update: IMLogic raises $14M.

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