Microsoft Watch Gives You Your Calendar… Some of the Time

Scott Hanselman:

"Crapola. Got this error message today, from the Outlook plug-in that syncs my Calendar with the MSNDirect Smart Watch services.
Sync started at 03/15/2004 10:09:49
Add of [Appt: Some Appt.] failed: You have exceeded your monthly quota of calendar updates."

This is too funny. For context, MSN Direct costs $9.95 a month or $59 a year on top of a $59 service fee, and though "[y]ou can cancel your monthly subscription at any time [m]onthly fees are not prorated. You can cancel your yearly subscription, but the one-time $59 service fee is not refundable." What happens when your watch stops properly synchronizing in the middle of the month?
(By the way Scott, do your extra-long ids in your permalinks mean you plan to keep on blogging for billions of years to come?)
03/18/04 update: Root Cause: The SPOT Watch calendar quota… (Scott’s problem apparently won’t happen to most people).

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