Midi Madness

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The key with digital music gear porn is to only wank to it and resist buying stuff you’re likely to play with for 30 minutes then forget in a closet. Still, here’s some fun stuff:

My fingers drool (controllerism anyone?) but the head and wallet say no. I may buy a Behringer BCF2000 later this year though, it’s a hell of a control surface for $200. We’ll see how Tascam reponds to it. (Maybe they did ? I haven’t followed the latest NAMM news yet.)
Only remotely related but I saw this while reading through a bunch of digital music blogs today: The eSession Experience: Online Recording for All.
Update: the devices I listed above betray my drummer bias, but there’s a bunch of DJ controllers coming to market too. I bought an XP10 a couple years ago but found that you really need to know your tracks before you dare mix them (duh), from their BPM to their mood to their key. See also:

  • Jazzmutant Lemur
  • reacTogon
  • Reactable
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