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I felt a little bit alone in 2000, then more people joined (such as Rob Poel or Anne Holland), and now there are more and more blogs dedicated to marketing. Here are a few recent ones: Rick Bruner’s Executive Summary, Scott Knowles’ WebSense, Seth Godin’s blog and Robert Loch’s Net Marketing. And it’s not just individuals. While Xplane and 37signals have been around for a long time, more companies are likely to jump in, as and Macromedia recently did. As I advocated last year, there’s potential for marketing blogs, as long as you play by the rules.
Aside from a recent drift on French politics (and a constantly non-native-English awkward syntax), one way to tell apart Web Voice is probably because I’m more interested in positioning and strategy, as opposed to direct marketing and PR. I also focus on the IT and online markets, and how marketing and technology work together.
Update: Blogging Goes Corporate.
05/10/02 update: Meg Hourigan on Macromedia blogs, Jeff Jarvis on marketing & blogs.
06/17/02 update: Macromedia Blogs and the Death of the ‘Official Story’. 07/05/02 update: Macromedia taps Weblogs for marketing.

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