Most Satisfying Jazz Listen in Weeks

It’s been a while since I’ve been really enthusiastic about something I’ve listened to (admittedly for some reason I’ve been less aggressive at consuming new music these days), but Fly, a record released last year by an eponymous jazz trio, really did it for me. Jeff Ballard on drums charges on without overwhelming Larry Grenadier on upright bass and saxophonist Mark Turner. I’d sure like to see them on stage, maybe on a hot summer night in Key West, laid back but focused, with just a slight buzz from a couple rum-based cocktails after a light meal of spicy rice.
From reggae (Black Uhuru) to pop/rock (The Police) to jazz (countless examples), there’s a lot to be said in favor of trios. Their tightness can provide both space and energy, given proficient and connivent players. Maybe the triumvirat is actually an effective way to manage projects and organizations? (Sorry I suddenly got all Latin on you.)

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