Mp3 DJing Control Surfaces

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I started playing a bit with Traktor, and you really can’t improvise yourself a DJ. The first thing I’d need to do is know my tracks better, metatag them by BPM, and take notes as to what mixes well with what (the basics). Way down in my priority list, but I’ll hopefully get the time to do that at some point. It’s nice to see those dedicated control surfaces: X-Session UC-17, micromodul DJ1 (though I should try using my ShuttlePro like this guy does), but right now I’m focused on my edrums (I bought a used Roland TD8 for $600), hopefully next month I’ll have completed my set. But is this audio gear stuff complex!
Somewhere in the future I hope the skills built through drumming will help me become an amateur DJ as well, since in both cases you need to pay attention to song structure and tempo.

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