Music to Escape from Excel’s Tiny Cells

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After a few weeks spent attending to a voluminous amount of various tasks, I’m back in the project manager saddle for a little while (I’m doing both our product management and project management, which is not a terribly bright idea, but it’s the best organization we came up with considering our current resources and skills).
I should try again Project, which I didn’t play with for years, but in the meantime I’m keeping track of tasks and deadlines and stuff in good old Excel. To bear with the boring minutiae that I have to plan and coordinate, my recommendation is Nobukazu Takemura’s Hoshi No Koe. The combination will either lead you to transcendental bliss or drive you into escapist madness (or are they two sides of the same coin?).
By the way, why isn’t there a trial version for Groove Workspace Project Edition? (Also, Groove, your search engine sucks big time, and what do you smoke to believe people calculate software ROI on 5-year timeframes?)

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