Amazon’s New Marketplace for Used Goods

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New Amazon Marketplace:

“List your used and collectible book, music, DVD, video, or console-based video game on the page where sells that item new. There is no finer real estate online.” (emphasis mine)

Switchouse and SecondSpin need worry. Movie studios, record companies and book publishers are going to need to find how to profit from digital products, because it’s becoming increasingly easy to recycle the physical products you don’t want anymore.

05/25/01: eBay and fixed-price site to be integrated.

04/20/01: Switchouse raises another $7M. (not $8M, corrected on 08/04/01)

03/20/01: Authors Plan Protest.

02/09/01: seems a good alternative to Ebay for sellers.

01/05/01: I had missed partnership with, which should come into effect this quarter.

11/15/00: some people don’t like it (and this article reminds me I forgot to mention EBay had acquired

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