New Graphical MySQL Administrator Console in the Works

IDG: MySQL develops new graphical admin tool

"Previously, the vendor provided command-line interface administration tools for its database, which are less intuitive and harder to use than the new graphical MySQL Administrator console, said Zack Urlocker, MySQL’s marketing vice president. […] MySQL Administrator provides all the capabilities of the old command-line tools and adds new features, Urlocker said. Some of the tasks that database administrators can perform with the new console are: server configuration, user administration, database monitoring, backup and restore, and log management."

Interesting that the LAMP world is getting there. As a small business we can’t be bothered with learning admin and monitoring tasks through a CLI. That’s what Microsoft understood with NT Server and taught Novell the hard way. Yeah, yeah, this has a downside with possibly unsound admin and security but small biz just want to get the job done.

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